Living Essences Anti Stress

Living Essences Anti Stress

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In just a push of this unique fine mist spray – rehydrate skin, improve breathing, reduce stress, relief fatigue, energize and wake up!

Living Essences Anti-Stress is a one-of-a-kind Phyto elixir derived from the core of Living unharmed  aloe-vera, kalanchoe, immortelle, roses, lemongrass, myrtle and juniper plants.

It  is  made  of   billions  of  healing  and  restorative  molecules  and  is  guaranteed to  teleport  you  to  a  highland  meadow  wherever  you  are!  

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Phytensor Living essences anti stress  Triple organic travel mist

the first of its kind to use Living curative plants extracts derived from the core of unharmed medicinal plants like myrtle( Myrrtus communis) aloe- vera, kalanchoe and other allergen free flowers and plants.

Wild plants and flowers

Living plants extracts

Morning Emanation harvest’

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