Beautiful, soft and elastic skin

For the first time in the world, precious substances released by unharmed, living plants will nourish and give you beautiful skin, strong fingernails, and a springtime mood.

Cosmetic companies manufacture immense amounts of creams designed to moisturize, nourish, and replenish your hands. However, even with constant care, the hands are the most quickly aging part of the body. Sharp changes in temperature, excessively dry indoor air, aggressive washing agents, sanitizers, solar radiation – this is only a part of the long list of negative factors leading to these unfortunate consequences.

The creams themselves are part of the problem, as the majority of these products reduce the capacity of the skin to breathe and slow down its regenerative properties. Using extracts from processed plants does not provide significant improvement. After all, extraction involves the destruction of the cell membranes in the leaves and roots of the plants, oxidation, and the release of fermenting agents; this degrades the quality of the extracted substances and drastically lowers their biological activity and rejuvenating power.

Now, a unique, patented discovery by Canadian scientists has enabled a priceless elixir of youth obtained from living curative plants: Aloe, Myrtle, Kalanchoe, and Rose. Changing atmospheric pressure in specially designed phyto- barric  chambers allows the plants to release crystal clear moisture and the most treasured healing elements of Live essential oils and other valuable terpenoids. The precious airborne compounds evaporated by the plants are condensed into an all-natural liquid: “Phytensor Living Essences.” This condensate contains the useful substances and the energy of living medicinal plants, paving the road to a completely new level of revival, rejuvenation, and restoration of skin.

Phytensor devices and products are designed for use in many fields and environments. beauty and personal care, air improvement, beverage and food, wellness and fitness and many other vital industries today.

Beauty Hands Glaster Group
Treatment Length

Treatment length is 2-5 and a half minutes.

treatment duration
Energy Consumption

78W per unit

power consumption

Base: 1400mm by 700mm.
Height: 1100mm.

product dimensions

Simply add a small amount of “Phytensor Living Essences” to a cool mist nebulizer and to an automatic or manual sprayer and billions of molecules of fresh bio-oxygen, transpired moisture, and Live essential oils will not only breathe new life and youth into your hands and fingernails, but also fill your lungs with crisp, exhilarating air, making you stronger and more resilient. One quick treatment a day will allow you to toss away many of your creams. The fresh aerosol and evaporations born in the core of medicinal plants will fill you to the brim with the joyous energy of nature and convey the spirit of youth.

Before and After:In Just One 2 minute treatment and the results speak for themselves!

Before and After - BeautyHands with Phytensor