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Beauty Hands

Phytensor  Beauty  Hands  is  designed  for  use  in  retail , spas  and cosmetic  clinics,  country  clubs,  airport  lounges  and  more.  It  consists  of 1-4  modules.  Transparent  polycarbonate  chambers  are  designed  for hand  insertion.  Cool  mist  is  channeled  to  the  chambers  from  ultrasonic  nebulizers  concealed  in  the  base  of  the  unit.

Add  “Phytensor  Living  Essences”  to  a  cool  mist  nebulizer,  and billions of  molecules  of  fresh  bio-oxygen,  transpired  moisture,  and  essential oils  will  not  only  breathe  new  life  and  youth  into  your  hands  and fingernails,  but  also  fill  your  lungs  with  crisp,  exhilarating  air,  making you  stronger  and  more  resilient.  One  quick  treatment  a  day  will  allow you  to  toss  away  many  of  your  creams.

magic air

A unique 100% pure organic system that consists of two parts: a portable mini USB humidifier air ionization device and the phytensor living essences magic air elixir.

When combined, in just a push of a button you will automatically create a healing, soothing and energizing atmosphere around you.

Whether its in your car, home and office – billions of healing, live molecules derived from the core of living medicinal aloe-vera, myrtle, roses, kalanchoe, juniper, immortelle and lemongrass plants.

fine mist luxury spray

Fresh  Mist  Luxury  Spray

In  just  a  push  of  this  unique  fine  mist  spray –  rehydrate  skin, improve  breathing,  reduce  stress,  relief  fatigue, energize  and  wake up!

Living  Essences  Anti -Stress  is  a  one -of -a- kind  Phyto  elixir  made  by  Living  unharmed  Myrtle  plants.

Phytensor  Living  myrtle  essences  contains  billions  of  healing  molecules  and  is  guaranteed to  teleport  you  to  a  highland  meadow  wherever  you  are!

          Living essencences

The core of our technology – Living Essences Phyto elixir derived from the medium of living, intact medicinal plants.

 Contains billions of healing molecules