magic air

magic air

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Phytensor magic air is here to help!

It consists of two parts: a portable mini USB humidifier air ionization device and the phytensor living essences magic air elixir.

 in just a push of a button you will automatically create a healing, soothing and energizing atmosphere around you.

 it ionizes the air 2!

Whether its in your car, gym, home and office – billions of healing, live molecules derived from the core of living medicinal aloe-vera, myrtle, roses, kalanchoe, juniper, immortelle and lemongrass plants. Will now help you feel more relaxed, prone to stress and full of energy!



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Phytensor magic air – a unique system that helps eliminate harmful viruses and airborne bacteria around you

Improve air quality in just seconds!

The coolest thing for your car!

It uses the Phytensor living essences elixir

Cleans the air around you! and Enriches it with billions of healing molecules – derived from Living, curative plants

helps relax                                        helps to feel fresh and energized

ease of stress                                    fatigue relief                                                                   and much more!!!

promotes improved focus           boost to immune system


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