Unique and Most Advanced Bio-Oxygen Product

100% pure organic system that consists of two parts:

  – A portable mini-USB humidifier air ionization device

  – The Phytensor Living Essences Magic Air elixir

When combined, in just a push of a button you will automatically create a healing, soothing and energizing atmosphere around you.

Included Accessories

Car power adapter, Phytensor Living Essences elixir and device holder.

power consumption
Two modes of operation

Continuous mode and intermittent release

treatment duration
Technical Characteristics

Volume: 150ml
Dimensions: 70mm x 68mm x 125mm
Elixir Depletion: 25 ml/h
Power Consumption: 0.08 W
Room Size: 50 sq. ft.

product dimensions


       Made by Nature

                       Produced in Canada

Whether its in your car, home or office – billions of healing, live molecules derived from the core of living medicinal aloe-vera, myrtle, roses, kalanchoe, juniper, immortelle and lemongrass plants.

These plants are known for their wide range of healing ingredients and their healing effects on our body and mind.

All at 100% pure potency. Thanks to the worldwide patented , sustainable and Canadian made Phytensor system and extraction method/ process.

Now you can not only wish you dear ones health and longevity but actually give it to them!