One of a Kind

Phyto elixir derived from the core of Living medicinal aloe- vera, kalanchoe, immortelle, roses, lemongrass, myrtle and juniper plants.

Using our worldwide patented 100% sustainable technology. This product contains billions of healing molecules and is guaranteed to teleport you to a highland meadow wherever you are!

fine mist luxury spray
Near Instant Effects

Feel your breathing improve and energy build up immediately

treatment duration

Volume: 50ml
Height: 15cm
Diameter: 3.5cm

product dimensions

Saturate your skin with dozens of active fresh antioxidants like myrtocommulone. Numerous living and never concentrated essential oils, purest plant moisture and oxygen, nitric oxide for improved collagen production and most importantly the energy of life.

Rehydrate skin, reduce inflammation and improve breathing, reduce fatigue and stress levels.

Feel happy and confident.

Now you can not only wish your dear ones health and longevity but actually give it to them!