Phytensor living essences


Phytensor living essences

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Phytensor Living Essences – Is a one- of – a – kind  condensate  made  by  Living  unharmed  Myrtle  Plants  in  specially  designed  Phyto- barric  chambers ,  humidity, temperature  and  lighting  conditions. 

Following  our  worldwide  patented  method ,  invention  and  technology

Pairs  excellently  with  any  air  humidifiers  and  ionizers  to  create  the  atmosphere  of  healing  mountains  forests  in  your  surroundings!

Imagine  100’s  of  Living  Curative  Plants  working  full  time  specially  for  you!

In  just  a  push  of  a  button!



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Phytensor Living essences

Breathe better! Live better!

Only the purest 150% organic ingredients

Obtained from living unharmed and curative plants

Perfect for your air humidifier to improve air quality around you

  • Cleans the air 
  • Improves the air quality by saturating it with healing Living plant extracts that include rare antioxidants like Myrtocommulone | Dozens of essential oils like Limonene, Karen, Bi Karen, Tri Karen and Carvone
  • Bio oxygen 
  • Helps eliminate dust particles, allergens, airborne bacteria and viruses
  • Provides stronger immune| Mental relaxation | improved sleep quality| Fatigue relief |  Helps Calm down stress and anxiety

Great for your bedroom, gym, car and office!

The Phytensor living essences will turn your surrounding atmosphere into a mountain forest in just minutes!

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