Beauty Hands


Beauty Hands

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Beauty hands multi- level effects machine.   Relax, Strengthen up and improve skin in just minutes, This is just the start of the experience!  



Phytensor Beauty Hands is the worlds first and only skin hydration and total revitalization machine that uses a 100% potent healing extract made with the use of LIVING MEDICINAL and CURATIVE PlANTS like Aloe- Vera, Myrtle, Kalanchoe, Juniper and Roses, Immortelle and Lemongrass. Following a worldwide patented Technology.

Many industries today use the same old process and methods to obtain plants extracts, including essential- oils and other valuable substances.99 percent of it ends with killing the plants of interest and being left with a dead plant product.

Not many people know that when Living plants are harmed, they activate a self- defence mechanism which releases a special pheromone that neutralizes about 90 percent of all healing substances contained within. Therefore your typical aloe- vera gel ( I’m not even talking about all the other stuff they add in it) isn’t as strong and healing as it would be if the plant that was crushed wasn’t crushed and made into a Puree.

Imagine a technology that gets 100 percent out of the plant, without killing the plant and while making that same plant, or even group of plants feel great during the process of extraction?

That is Phytensor.

Today, Glaster Group Lab is proud to present a method so novel its nearly Sci- Fi!

We are able to obtain 100% of the healing substances Living plants possess and deliver it to you on demand. Any place and any- time.

Have you ever noticed how before a heavy rain starts, we all feel the smell of flowers and ozone a lot stronger in the air, it happens due to atmospheric changes and how a simple drop in pressure stimulates plants to give much more pure oxygen and all of its healing substances in just minutes.

Makes them breathe better.

Now we can do that 2! and preserve Nature!




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