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Beauty Hands

$72,000.00 $55,000.00

Beauty hands multi- level effects machine.   Relax, Strengthen up and improve skin in just minutes, This is just the start of the experience!  

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magic air

$69.95 $30.00

Phytensor magic air is here to help!

It consists of two parts: a portable mini USB humidifier air ionization device and the phytensor living essences magic air elixir.

 in just a push of a button you will automatically create a healing, soothing and energizing atmosphere around you.

 it ionizes the air 2!

Whether its in your car, gym, home and office – billions of healing, live molecules derived from the core of living medicinal aloe-vera, myrtle, roses, kalanchoe, juniper, immortelle and lemongrass plants. Will now help you feel more relaxed, prone to stress and full of energy!

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Phytensor living essences

$1,220.00 $899.00

Phytensor Living Essences – Is a one- of – a – kind  condensate  made  by  Living  unharmed  Myrtle  Plants  in  specially  designed  Phyto- barric  chambers ,  humidity, temperature  and  lighting  conditions. 

Following  our  worldwide  patented  method ,  invention  and  technology

Pairs  excellently  with  any  air  humidifiers  and  ionizers  to  create  the  atmosphere  of  healing  mountains  forests  in  your  surroundings!

Imagine  100’s  of  Living  Curative  Plants  working  full  time  specially  for  you!

In  just  a  push  of  a  button!