Unique and Most Advanced Bio-Oxygen Product

100% pure organic system that consists of two parts:

  – A portable mini-USB humidifier air ionization device

  – The Phytensor Living Essences Magic Air elixir

When combined, in just a push of a button you will automatically create a healing, soothing and energizing atmosphere around you.


       Made by Nature

                       Produced in Canada

Whether its in your car, home or office – billions of healing, live molecules derived from the core of living medicinal aloe-vera, myrtle, roses, kalanchoe, juniper, immortelle and lemongrass plants.

These plants are known for their wide range of healing ingredients and their healing effects on our body and mind.

All at 100% pure potency. Thanks to the worldwide patented , sustainable and Canadian made Phytensor system and extraction method/ process.

Now you can not only wish you dear ones health and longevity but actually give it to them!