Phytensor living essences


Phytensor living essences

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The core of our technology – Living Essences Phyto elixir derived from the core of living, intact medicinal plants. This product contains billions of healing molecules. Perfect for use in Mist Humidifiers, and any other air humidification systems. Part of Magic air. Receive 10% OFF when you buy 2!and 15% OFF when you purchase 3


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Phytensor Living essences

Breathe better! Live better!

Only the purest 150% organic ingredients

Obtained from living unharmed and curative plants

Perfect for your air humidifier to improve air quality around you

  • Improved breathing

  • revitalizing

  • energizing

Great for your bedroom, gym, car and office!

The Phytensor living essences will turn your surrounding atmosphere into a mountain forest in just minutes!

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