Harness Natures' Powers and Enjoy Them on Demand Wherever You Go

Phytensor is the worlds first sustainable and renewable method, process and bio technology patented worldwide that allows for the 100% beneficial and healing plant compounds extraction. It brings nature’s force to you on demand.

Our advanced technology promotes a totally new way and approach to the process of obtaining plants extracts and their life as a whole, unlike any others we do not damage these wonderful gifts of nature and promote a better life for them.


We begin with living unharmed medicinal plants: aloe-vera, kalanchoe, roses, myrtle, juniper and immortelle.


By carefully controlling lighting, pressure and temperature in specially designed chambers, we stimulate the plants to release drastically increased amounts of Live essential oils, pure moisture, antioxidants and other valuable Phyto-ingredients.


The beneficial substances released by the Living plants are quickly dissolved in super-cooled, silver treated water to preserve their full biological strength.


Phytensor Living essences is ready for use.